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Bagdat Mahaleb

Bagdat Mahaleb

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The geography between France and Germany in Central and Southern Europe, Northern Pakistan and Kyrgyzstan in Western and Central Asia, and Morocco in Northwest Africa constitutes its homeland. It is common in European and Eastern Mediterranean countries. It is grown in Tokat, Zile, Niksar, Amasya, Çorum and Mardin in Turkey.

Dried fruits are used as spice (Mahlep). In particular, it gives a unique pleasant smell to pastry cakes. It is especially added to cakes, muffins and pastries. It is used in the liquor industry. Mahalep tree, branches and bark are fragrant due to the coumarin they contain. For this reason, sticks used for smoking tobacco were made from the branches of the mahaleb tree. Mahlep is also used in the perfumery industry, and its oil is used in the paint industry.

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