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Star Vip Wooden Rummy Set

Star Vip Wooden Rummy Set

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"VIP Rummy" will make playing rummy tile even more enjoyable with its wooden solid cues and brightly colored stones

Moreover, full life size and all accessories included With this Rummy Set, you will enjoy hosting your loved ones.


Product features:

1st Class Walnut - Ebony (Dark Wood) Wooden Cues or 1st Class Oak (Light Wood) Wooden Cues

1st Quality Big Size Melamine Rummy Stones -

Wooden long-lasting cues. -

Vivid colored stones that are not deformed quickly. -

Full size. - Stone storage pouch. - Special protection box.

Product size: Cue: 43,5 x 10 cm Rummy Stones: 4 x 2.5 cm Weight: 5 kg Box Size: 55 x 15 x 12 Cm Package Content: 4 wooden rummy cue stick 1 pack game stone 1 dice 1 stone storage pouch

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