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Yenigun Eggplant Jam

Yenigun Eggplant Jam

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It is a traditional homemade jam with 65% fruit.

It does not contain glucose and additives.

Yenigün Eggplant jam contains 65% fruit. Sugar, fruit and lemon juice are used in production. They are homemade jams that do not contain additives. Eggplant jam is a jam made from small eggplants. However, it is made by slicing long, thin and seedless eggplants grown specially. Jam is obtained by processing the eggplants, which are subjected to some hardening process, with sugar. With a taste reminiscent of chestnut candy; In addition to the breakfast tables, it is also included in the catering plates of creative women. The grains of the eggplant jam have no resemblance to the ordinary eggplant flavor.

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