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Bagdat Red Chili Powder Hot

Bagdat Red Chili Powder Hot

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On the second voyage of Christopher Columbus to America, in 1514, Spanish doctor Chanca brought the seeds and fruit of red pepper from America to Europe, and the red pepper, which was popularized in Europe by the Hungarians at the end of the 19th century; It grows in temperate and warm regions. Many species are cultivated in America, Europe, Asia and North Africa. Source countries: Turkey, India, Hungary, Spain, Bulgaria, Romania, Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, Chile and Argentina. Red pepper is cultivated on a large scale in Turkey, especially in the Southeast, Mediterranean and Marmara Regions.

It is one of the most used spices. Sweet red pepper is used primarily because of its color feature. It is also one of the main natural color additives in the food industry. In the kitchen, it is used in all kinds of dishes except sugary products, especially in many special ethnic dishes where the red color is desired.

It gives flavor and taste to eggs, cheese, seafood, vegetables, chicken, various sauces, meat, soup, pickles, rice, shepherd's salad, vegetables, cereals, and similar dishes.

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